Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Cutie Pie

A few weeks ago I was headed out the door to meet a friend for lunch. Campbell was the guest of honor and I couldn't resist capturing this moment...isn't she cute?! She's such a trooper - she lets us drag her along anywhere and is just along for the ride!

Fun with Papa

A few weeks ago, it was grand central station at our house. We had electricians doing some work, Matt and I were trying to get out the door for Bible Study, Aunt Brookie was coming to babysit, and Papa stopped by to say hi. In the midst of the chaos, Carter decided it was time to start hamming it up and entertaining everyone. Sweet Campbell was just taking it all in. Papa finally got a break from the Carter Show and was taking a few minutes to hold her. Next thing we know, he walks around the corner with both kiddos. I think the smiles say it all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Tractor

Matt's parents recently finished refurbishing Matt's John Deere tractor from when he was a little boy. They had us out to their house recently to give Carter the tractor for his birthday. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! He quickly found one of Papa's turkey decoys and hauled it around the yard. 

Our Little Trooper

Carter and Campbell are developing the most precious relationship right before our very eyes. She lets him fiddle with her all the time - whether it's talking to her, kissing her, poking her in the eye, throwing balls at her, or in this instance, putting jewelry on her. She just follows him with her big blue eyes and takes it all in. I came in the room after noticing how quiet they were being, and found Carter making her "pretty". And look how cute she is!! I'm smitten with this little gal!

Carter's Night-Night

This cradle has been passed down for several generations in my family. It was built for my great grandfather by my great-great grandfather. It is passed to the oldest child when they have their first child. The only problem with this time around? I just recently got while it will be passed to Carter some day when he has his first child, I'll have to tell him that he never slept in it as a baby. When we pulled it out of my parent's attic a few weeks ago and told him it was his cradle, he jumped right in and started pretending he was sleeping. I figure baby, toddler, 2 years old...what's the big difference any way?! I've got to get a cushion for it and then we'll use it for Campbell for naps and what not. 

Home Depot Fun

Carter has reached the point in life where he is no longer content to sit nicely in a cart when we're at the grocery store or some other similar place. So, when we headed to Home Depot to pick out our new washer & dryer, he was thrilled to drive the car. I couldn't resist posting this picture - it totally captures the joy our little man is filled with!!