Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Baby's Growing Up...

For months now we've avoided (or at least tried to...) the comparisons between Carter and Campbell in terms of when he did this, when she did that, etc. We know our kids are unique and exactly how God designed them to be. Carter just happened to be our early bloomer, and sweet Miss Campbell is content with not rushing things. She was nine months old before she started crawling, and now at 11 months old, she has perfected her version of army crawling and is one fast moving little gal! She has had no desire at all, in any way, shape, or form, to put weight on her legs. Until this week. And now, watch out. She wants to stand all the time! Balance is still an issue, but she's quickly improving. Last night she was at LifeKIDS while we were at LifeGroup and she pulled up for the first time...twice! She did it again today for my Mom. I still haven't seen her do it. Maybe tomorrow...

Here she is showing off her new skill:

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

This week we celebrated Matt's 31st birthday. Carter worked very hard decorating Daddy's cake - footballs and football helmets are sprinkled on the top. And he picked out the candles himself and couldn't wait to blow them out for Daddy.

Of course I wasn't successful in capturing a picture that was good of all three of them at once, so here are a couple where at least 2 of them are looking at the camera!

Matt will not be happy with me for putting this picture on here of him, but I love the way Campbell is admiring him. She lights up when she sees her Daddy. I am so thankful that my babies have a Daddy that loves them more than life itself!!