Friday, November 21, 2008

Mr. Independent

Recently Matt was out of town and my sister came over to spend the night and hang out with me and the kids. On Saturday morning I had somewhere to be and Robyn was taking the kids, along with my parents, to visit some dear friends in Enid. As usual, it was a crazy morning and we were running behind... Carter took it upon himself to get dressed. He didn't realize it was cold outside and not raining, but I still need to give him credit for taking the initiative!
Now...look a little closer:
My sweet boy went the extra mile and put his clothes on backwards and even had his rain boots on the wrong foot. I like the fact that he is growing more independent, but even more, I love the fact that he still needs his Momma every now and then...

I Love Pickles!!

Campbell is eating anything that she can get her hands on these days! The other day I met Mom, Robyn and her boyfriend's sister for lunch and Campbell had her first pickle. She LOVED it! She threw a temper tantrum when I took the slimy, nasty remainder away from her. I can't believe how fast she is growing up...

Monday, November 3, 2008

So many new skills!

Campbell is growing up so fast...too fast if you ask me! In the two months she has mastered sitting up, eating food, and now rolling over completely. These are a few pictures I think are so cute of her - look at those rolls!!!

I'm on a mission to capture her rolling over on film now...we'll see how that goes!

State Fair 08...Just a little late!

Each year we go to the Fair on opening night with my family because my Dad is on the board and they do a special night for the board members and their families. Free fair food and free rides - it's always fun! This year was the best yet. Carter had a BLAST and I think Matt and I had even more fun watching him experience so many exciting things! Campbell was a trooper and was so cute taking it all in. I don't think she made a peep all night! Here are some pics from our night.

Carter loved this ride! Each turn would fling him into Matt and he would crack up. It was so fun watching them together!

This was the hot air balloon ride. Carter had to ride this one alone because Matt and I were too big to join him. Right as they were about to close off the ride to begin, the cutest little girl came up with her Daddy. The only open seat was with Carter. Is she not darling?! He was a perfect gentleman the whole time and they giggled and laughed as though they had known each other forever! I have a feeling he's going to be a charmer like his Daddy...

Carter and Uncle Jeff have become the best of friends! And they could easily pass as father and son. They played like little kids all night long! We didn't get many pictures of Campbell that night, and the ones we did get really aren't worth posting. My family took her with them a lot of the time so we could both go ride with Carter.

A week later we got to go back to the fair with Gran and Aunt Brookie for the Rodeo! We had so much fun eating fair food and then watching the bull riding, barrel racing, rodeo clowns and so much more! Carter was so excited to wear his cowboy hat and boots and kept them both on all night!

And finally...our rodeo princess!