Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi. We are still here in case you were wondering...

Hello! It's been FAR too long since I've posted anything here! We have had a crazy 7 months since our last post and finally feel like we're back to "normal" - whatever that really is!

Here's a brief, quick update:

In the midst of our house-building process that began the week after Christmas last year, we sold our house in April to a great couple and were able to stay there through the end of June. When it came time to pack up and move, our new house wasn't quite ready, so we loaded up a couple of Pods and had the privilege of spending five weeks with the Northcutts, our dear and precious friends that we consider mentors. (Or as Janie would rather hear, more like our older brother & sister.) They had cleared out bathrooms, bedrooms and closets and let us take over. What a blessing it was! The kids absolutely loved being there, and it was such a relief to not have to move twice. We moved in to the new house in August and while we miss our roommates, it's great to be in one place without our belongings spread all over the place! Both of our parents were wonderful and allowed us to store lots of stuff at their houses, we had stuff in Matt's warehouse at work, plus the Pods. Yes...we have way too much stuff.

The kids are doing great, growing faster than we can possibly fathom! Carter is in preschool and is doing so well. He's so smart - we are constantly amazed at the way his mind works. And boy is he funny!! He is unusually tall for his age, so when he acts like a three year old (for those of you with three year olds, you know exactly what I'm talking about) we get some funny looks. He's got the sweetest heart and is so compassionate with friends, family and especially his little sister. He's still crazy about Thomas the Train, Cars (at our house, Lightning McQueen is also known as Rusty), and sports in general, and he loves to cuddle up and read. Lately he's had quite a fondness for Pinkalicious - we didn't think much of it until a friend at church sent us a picture of him one night while we were at Bible study. He was dressed up like a fairy. Proud moment for the Moores. I look at him with amazement - how did my sweet baby boy grow up so fast to the point I can hardly carry him any more? His speaking skills are incredible - we carry on adult conversations. It truly seems like he's grown up overnight.

And then Miss Campbell. We are having a blast with her! She's really coming out of her shell and literally she's changing every single day. She has been our late bloomer; she had no desire to walk until she was 17 months old. We laugh about it now, but over the summer we had the kids in Mother's Day Out one day a week. Campbell was in the toddler class, where she was right in the middle of the kids, age-wise. After 3 weeks of MDO, they asked us to keep her home for the rest of the summer because she just wasn't ready for the toddler class. At that point she still wasn't walking, needed more than one nap a day, was hardly talking, etc. And of course there wasn't a baby class for her to go to during the summer session. So when it came time to start back in the fall, she was put in the baby class where she could go at her own pace. She did great in there, had the most amazing teachers, and really blossomed. Last week they moved her up to the Toddler class and she's loving it! Her new teacher said it really is amazing how much she has developed since July. Campbell adores Carter and it has been so fun watching them play together. She's crazy about dogs - any time she sees one she yells "Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!" and has a slew of doggie stuffed animals that she takes with her wherever she goes. I'm a bit concerned...she's developed a real liking for shoes. Ha! And she's just the opposite of Carter - she's very small for her age. We are in a constant battle with her hair - it's a mullet. But she has these sweet curls in the back that I don't have the heart to cut off. Thank goodness the top is finally starting to grow and we can somewhat hide the reality of the mullet. For parents who thought that they wanted all boys, she sure has changed our minds. We love having a daughter and a son!

Well, that really wasn't quick or brief, but hopefully it gives you a slight glimpse into our lives these days. Here is a link to my friend Amanda's blog - she took some family pictures for us recently and our pics went up today. I think she did a great job capturing us.

And maybe I'll post again between now and the next six months...