Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Strong Willed Son

Today was the first day of our first fall activity - a ladies Bible study I am taking part in. While there, Carter and Campbell get to play in the nursery with other kids their age. After Bible study, we went to lunch with a friend and on our way home, Carter fell asleep. Normally it's a simple process when we get home. I carry him from the car to his bed, he continues his nap, then wakes up an hour or two later ready to go. Well, today wasn't quite that easy.

He would NOT go back to sleep. I laid with him (a bad habit we started and now are trying to break) for much longer than I should have (poor Campbell was starving and making all sorts of noise in the living room) and finally drew the line in the sand and left. He flipped out. He wouldn't stay in his bed, kept throwing temper tantrums where he'd dramatically fall on the floor while flailing around, and then started being really ugly to Campbell while I was feeding her. As soon as I could get up, he was carried to his room, put in bed and told to stay there. Of course that didn't work. No sooner would I shut the door then he would open it and start the hysterical whining/crying/demands again..."Mom come way (lay) with me." This went on for far too long. After several spankings and the revoking of TV and Thomas the Train privileges for the rest of the day he still wouldn't give up. So I pulled the "Love and Logic" towel-over-the-door trick, which safely keeps him in his room so that he can't open the door. You're probably wondering why I didn't do that sooner...good question. He was mad. Yelling and screaming like there was no tomorrow. The real kicker is that I had an appointment with our insurance guy at our house. Of course Carter was still going strong when he got here. And of course he screamed the entire time he was here. Finally it got quiet in his room. After the appointment I looked under the door. And there he was...I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my little stinker.