Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Baby

While I don't think this picture really looks like Campbell, I wanted to post it because it really captures her smile. We had spent the evening with Matt's family and had such a fun time. Matt's dad took this picture - he's got a gift for capturing those special moments! 

Summer's Here...

There is a tradition in my family fondly known as "Thompson Sundays". We go over to my parent's house and swim, hang out and eat great food. This was the first official Sunday of the season. As you can see, Carter was ready to go:
Here are two out of three of Campbell's aunts (my sister, Robyn, on the left and my brother's wife, Sarah, on the right.)
Is that not the cutest swimsuit you've ever seen? I'm sure that's partly to do with the cutie pie wearing it, right?!
Here's my happy little guy - he had so much fun swimming and playing with everyone. This picture captures his pure joy...I love my Cman!!
I know this picture seems kind of random, and I'm sure it still will after I'll explain it, but I'm going to any way. This portable travel swing has been an invaluable baby fixture at my parent's house. We first used it with Carter and now with Campbell. It allows us to have the baby outside with us in the shade while we swim and what not. Carter would periodically get out of the pool and go check on "My Baby Sister" throughout the afternoon. This particular time he was up there for quite a while. I decided I should probably check on him to make sure he wasn't traumatizing her or anything like that. What I found melted my heart...he was singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to her. And she was just staring at him with the most precious look. He is such a great brother!

Lindsey Came to Visit!

A few weeks ago my dear friend Lindsey was in town for some work meetings and stopped by the house on her way back to her parent's for a quick visit. What a special surprise it was! Don't you love how a few moments here and there with a true friend seem as though no time has passed since the last visit? What a blessing she is to my life! Look at how Campbell is just gazing at sweet! Love you, Linds!!

Typical Friday

And here is our little girl, who is no longer little! Who would have ever guessed she was barely over 5 pounds when she was born? 
She's getting really good at holding her head up - I think it helps her keep an eye on that crazy brother of hers at all times!