Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our New Cousin, Chesney Ann

Yesterday, January 13, our first cousin, Chesney Ann was born!! What a fun day we had at the hospital...seeing Aunt Brookie and Uncle Chris as they prepared for the birth of their baby girl, playing with Gran and Papa, eating you name it...cookies, apples, gummy worms and starburst, and much more!! It was so fun!!! But the best part was seeing Miss Chesney for the first time. She is such a perfect blend of Brooke and Chris. She has his gorgeous dark hair and eyes and has her mommy's chin and lips. Carter is so very excited to have a cousin and I'm thrilled for the kids to have a buddy so close to their age to grow up with!! I didn't have my camera handy last night, but we got to see them today and I got some cute pics.

Here she is:
And here is Carter talking to her:
Reality is sinking baby doesn't look much like the baby any more!!!
I have to tell a story with this last picture. Brooke was changing Chesney's clothes to get her ready for her newborn pictures. The sweet baby didn't care much for that and was crying that sweet baby cry. Carter was really bothered by her crying and wanted to help her stop, so I suggested he sing her "Jesus Loves Me". She was laying on Brooke's bed and Carter was standing at the end of it facing her. About halfway through him singing, she stopped crying and just stared at him. My precious boy was so excited that she stopped crying when he sang that he went on to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and the "ABCs". I think he's going to be as protective of Chesney as he is of his little sister. Oh how I love that boy. Here she is right after he sang to her:
Chesney Ann, your Uncle Matt, Aunt Katie and cousins Carter and Campbell love you more than anything and can't wait to get to know you better! We have so much fun ahead of us!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Christmas Picture...or documentation of sibling rivalry!

On this day, the kids were dressed and ready to go with Pops and JJ/Janer (my parents - and yes, my mom's name changes back and forth depending on the day) for the annual OPUBCO family Christmas party. While we were waiting for them to pick the kids up, I decided I would capture a shot or two of them in front of the Christmas tree. The shots I got were not quite what I had intended, but our life captured, nonetheless. I will narrarate (and think) for the kids as we go:

Me: "Carter, please scoot closer to your sister so I can get you both in the picture."
Carter: "I not want to, Mom."
Me: "Well then would you please at least put your toy down for the picture?"
Carter: "Not a day, Mom." (translation: Not today, Mom)
Campbell: Why should he get to have all the fun with the toy?? What about me?! After all, I'm the one with the giant bow on my head...
Campbell: Look, Mom!!!! I got it and I was so fast he didn't even know what hit him!
Carter: "No sister!!" You just think you've got my toy. Maybe if I smile while ripping it from your hands Mom won't get mad...

Carter: Way to go sister, now we're in trouble for fighting.
Campbell: Way to go bub, had you just shared with me from the start we wouldn't be in this predicament. She's not going to get mad at me, look how cute I am!
Carter: "Mom, sister's on me." Get off my leg you little thing!!
Me: "Carter, do not push her. I'm coming to help."
Me: "Now sit still for just a moment longer. Hey there...look at me!!"
Carter: "CHEEEEEESE" (When do they stop saying this for pictures?? And who taught him to say cheese in the first place?!)
Campbell: You want me to do what?! I think this bow is cutting off circulation to my brain...
Campbell: He's finally gone! Now I'll ham it up for you, Mom!

Edited to add: Notice all the ornaments hung in a giant cluster above Carter's head? He was such a good helper when we decorated the tree!!